Registration in the Home Network

System / FRITZ!Box Users / Login to the Home Network

You can set up a password for access to the FRITZ!Box user interface from the home network. With this password you protect the user interface from unauthorized access.

There are two ways to assign a password:

  • Every FRITZ!Box user logs in with his own user name and own password.
  • All FRITZ!Box users enter a shared password to log in to the user interface.

More Security through Additional Confirmation

A number of particularly sensitive FRITZ!Box settings receive special protection from unauthorized access through the additional confirmation feature. These include, for instance, call diversion settings and the saving of FRITZ!Box settings.

The additional confirmation ensures that these settings can be changed only by users with direct access to the FRITZ!Box at its location.


  • For additional confirmation by telephone, you can use a DECT cordless telephone, an analog telephone, or an ISDN telephone. IP telephones and smartphones are not suitable for this purpose.

Disabling Additional Confirmation

You can disable the additional confirmation feature, for instance, if you wish to change your FRITZ!Box settings regularly via the internet from on the go.

Important:To protect sensitive FRITZ!Box settings, AVM recommends always using the additional confirmation option.

  1. Select "System / FRITZ!Box Users / Registration in the Home Network" in the user interface.
  2. Disable the "Extra confirmation to configure certain settings and functions" checkbox.
  3. and then click on "Apply".