Turning Off the LED Display

System / Buttons and LEDs / LED Display

By means of the LEDs, your FRITZ!Box notifies you about the current connection status and signals events in the home network. In the "System / Buttons and LEDs / LED Display" menu you can adjust the brightness of the LEDs or turn them off completely. Error conditions will still be signaled, and it is also possible to switch them on briefly without permanently changing the LED display settings.


Your FRITZ!Box is located in the bedroom and you find the light from the LEDs too bright or irritating.

Turning Off the LED Display

Enable the "Turn off the LED display" option to turn the LEDs off.

Switching the LED Display On Briefly

  1. Press any button on the FRITZ!Box.

    The LEDs are turned on for a few minutes and will then turn themselves off again.

Important:When a button is pressed while the LED display is switched on, the function assigned to a brief or long press of the button will be initiated.