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To send push service mails the FRITZ!Box needs an email address as the sender. You can also assign a unique sender name, so that the push service mails sent by the FRITZ!Box can be clearly and quickly identified in your email inbox.

Preparation: Adjusting the Email Account Settings

Many email providers use special security mechanisms to protect their email accounts that prevent push service mails from being sent.

If you have an email account with Google, Microsoft or Apple, then adjust the following settings for your email account before configuring the sender for push services:

Adjusting a Google Account

Adjusting a Microsoft Account

If you enabled verification in two steps for your Microsoft account, set a new app password for the FRITZ!Box and configure this as the password for the push service.

Adjusting an Apple Account

If you enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, set an app-specific password for the FRITZ!Box and configure this as the password for the push service.

Preparation: Enabling Email Sending in Your Email Account

Some providers have email sending via a different program switched off by default:

  • Enable the use of external email clients in your email account.

Note:With some providers, you can enable this in the settings for POP3/IMAP access.

Configuring and Enabling Push Service

  1. Select the "Push service enabled" option.
  2. Enter your email address.

    The email address given here as the sender address is important. It does not have to be identical to the email address to which you send the push service mails. Different recipient addresses can be specified for every push service.

  3. Enter the password for your email account.
    • The FRITZ!Box stores a variety of email providers with information like their SMTP servers. If you have an email account with one of these providers, you do not have to provide additional information about the email user name and server.
    • Click on the "Apply" button to save your entries.
  4. If you have an email account with Google, Microsoft or Apple, please note the information in the "Preparations" section.
  5. If your email provider is not saved in the FRITZ!Box, click on the "Account Information: Additional Settings" link.
  6. Enter the user name for the email account specified above in the "Email user name" field. Generally your email user name is the same as your email address.
  7. In the "SMTP server" field, enter the name of your provider's email server (SMTP server).

    Some SMTP servers do not work on the default port (25). If this is the case for your SMTP server, the port number must be entered in the "Port" field. You receive the name and port number from your email provider.

  8. If the SMTP server you specified supports SSL, enable the option "This server supports a secure connection (SSL)".
  9. Click on the "Apply" button to save your entries.

This concludes entry of the sender data for receiving push service mails.

Selecting a Different Sender Name

In the FRITZ!Box the preconfigured email sender is the name registered under "Home Network / FRITZ!Box Name". You can assign a different sender name so that is easier to classify the push service mails sent by the FRITZ!Box in your email inbox.

Note:If you want to ensure that a push service mail was sent by the email address specified here, then add a different unique name as well.

  1. Enter a name of your own in the "Name of sender" field.
  2. Click on "Apply" to save your entries.

Now the push service mails will be labeled with this sender.

Testing Email Sending

Enable the "Test email sending after adopting the settings" option to check whether the account information was entered correctly.

A test email is sent to the email address you entered.

Push Service Settings in the Mesh WiFi

If there are multiple FRITZ!Box products in the home network, the Mesh Master in the Mesh WiFi will adopt the email settings of the global sender account for push services by default. This overwrites any settings already configured. The name of the Mesh Repeater is set as the sender name in the Mesh Repeater. You can change the settings of the individual push services at any time.

If you want to set up a separate sender account for a FRITZ!Box that is not deployed as the Mesh Master, then disable the "Adopt settings enabled" option in the "Adopt Settings from the Mesh" section of the "Home Network / Mesh / Mesh Settings" menu.

Note:If you disable the adoption of settings in the Mesh WiFi, then other settings will also not be adopted automatically, including wireless LAN settings, settings for automatic updates, AVM services, and Smart Home.