Configuring "Save Settings" Push Service

System / Push Service / Push Services / Edit "Save Settings" / Details for "Save Settings" Push Service

The "Save Settings" push service saves your FRITZ!Box settings before every FRITZ!OS update and every time the factory settings are restored to the FRITZ!Box. The backup file is automatically sent to the email address you specified.

Enabling the "Save Settings" Push Service

  1. Enable the checkbox "Push service enabled".
  2. In the "Send push service mail to" field, enter the email address that should receive the push service mail. If the push service mails are to be sent to multiple email addresses, enter the email addresses separated by commas.
  3. Enter a password to protect the backup file in the "Password" field. The password is required to restore and adopt your FRITZ!Box settings.
  4. Perform the additional confirmation:

    Confirmation by FRITZ!Box button

    The "Confirm" window appears in the user interface. Proceed as follows:

    1. Press briefly on one of the buttons on the FRITZ!Box, for instance the "WLAN" button.
    2. In the "Procedure Confirmed" window, click on "OK".

    Confirmation by telephone

    The "Confirm" window appears in the user interface. Proceed as follows:

    1. Pick up a telephone that is connected with the FRITZ!Box.
    2. Enter the code displayed in the "Confirm" window, for instance, *10215.
    3. Press the call key on the telephone (or lift the receiver).

      Wait for the acknowledgment tone.

    4. Hang up again.
    5. In the "Procedure Confirmed" window, click on "OK".
  5. Click on "OK".

The push service is enabled.