Telephony / Fax

You can send faxes using the FRITZ!Box user interface. No extra fax machine is required. Graphic files in JPG or PNG format can be appended to any fax transmission.

Sending Faxes


  • The fax function is configured.

Maximum Fax Length

A maximum of two A4 pages can be transmitted as a fax. When a fax with an appended graphic file is sent, the second page is reserved for the graphic file.

When sending a fax it is not always apparent that the entire text was transmitted. However, you can check that they were sent completely after the fact. To do this, enable forwarding by email in the configuration of the fax function. Then the FRITZ!Box will automatically forward to your email address all faxes sent as well as those received.

Instructions: Entering Sender Information

  1. Before you send a fax, enter your sender information on the "Settings" tab:
Entry FieldSender Information
Fax ID in header

Generally the local fax number is listed as the Fax ID.

Notation: Country code (preceded by a plus sign), area code and fax number, for instance +49 30 12345

Sender (short) in header What you enter here (for instance, your name) will appear next to the Fax ID in the header of faxes you send.
Sender You can enter your name and address here.

Instructions: Sending a Fax

  1. Select the recipient's name and fax number from the telephone book and enter the data in the "to" and "Fax number" fields.
  2. You can enter your name and address in the "Sender" field.
  3. Select a fax number from the "send with" list. The list contains all telephone numbers assigned to the fax function in the "Telephony / Telephony Devices" menu.
  4. Enter a subject and the text of your fax.
  5. File attachment: If you would like to send an image with the fax, select a JPG or PNG file using the "Browse" button.
  6. Click on "Send".