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On the "Automatic Switching" tab you can configure automatic switching (schedule) for the switchable socket (FRITZ!DECT 200/210). You can also configure switching on and off by sound (for instance, clapping twice).

Automatic Switching


The following automatic switching settings can be configured:

SwitchingFeatures / Functions
On weekdays Different times can be set for switching devices on and off on different days of the week. Multiple switching times per day can also be configured.
Daily The times defined for switching on and off are valid for all days of the week.
Random The socket switches on and off multiple times during a freely selected period of time. The switching times are selected at random.

A countdown begins every time a socket is switched manually: After the period you specified, the socket turns back on or off.

"Manual switching" is switching on or off using the button on the Smart Home device, a FRITZ!Fon or smartphone, or a mouse click in the user interface.

Periodic The socket switches on and off at regular intervals. You define how long the socket remains on and how long it remains off.
Once The socket is switched on or off for a previously defined length of time. The time at which the socket switches on or off can be chosen at will.
Sunrise/Sunset The socket switches on at sunrise or at sunset (+/- 2 hours, can be set in various steps). You define how long the socket remains switched on.
Calendar (Google) The socket switches on and off at the times you define in your Google calendar.
Temperature (only for groups)

Controls devices for heating (such as a fan heater, infrared heater) or cooling (like a fan). The sockets switch on or off when a previously specified temperature is reached. The temperature is measured by a FRITZ!DECT device or with a suitable radiator control.

Only available for groups. You can also set up a group for a single Smart Home device.

Configuring Automatic Switching

See the following Help pages for instructions on how to configure the automatic switching settings: