Wireless LAN: Guest Access

With a guest access you can grant your guests access to the Internet via your wireless radio network. The users of this connection have access only to the Internet.

Prerequisites for Guest Access

The wireless LAN guest access can be used only if one of the following line types is configured on the "Internet / Account Information" page:

  • "Connect to a DSL line" in the "Connection" area
  • "External Modem or Router" with operating mode "Establish own Internet connections"

Enabling Guest Access

With the "Guest access enabled" option you enable the guest access. You can define after how many minutes the guest access should be disabled automatically, and independent of this, whether guests remain online until they log themselves off.

Configuring Guest Access

  • Radio Channel

    Shows the radio channel used.

  • Wireless standard

    Shows the wireless standard used.

  • Name of the guest radio network (SSID)

    The wireless LAN guest radio network is visible for other wireless devices with a name, known as the SSID.


WPA encryption currently offers the best security and thus should be selected whenever possible. Use a different cipher only if the wireless devices you use do not support WPA.

Network key

Enter in this field the network key used to secure radio connections for your guests. Your guest then must also enter this network key in the wireless LAN settings of his wireless LAN adapter.

The network key must be between 8 and 63 characters in length. For reasons of security the network key should always be at least 20 characters long. In assigning the network key, remember also to comply with the list of valid characters.

Your guest must also enter this network key in the wireless LAN settings of his wireless LAN adapter.

WPA mode

The "WPA + WPA2" setting automatically uses the WPA mode most suitable for your connections. In some cases it may be necessary to set a specific WPA mode for the wireless devices used. Then simply enter the value specified by the manufacturer: "WPA (TKIP)" or "WPA2 (CCMP)".