System / Backup / Save

On the "Save" page you can save all settings you have configured in your FRITZ!Box to a file that can be stored on your computer's hard drive or on another storage medium.

Advantages of Saving Settings

You can use the backup file with your saved settings to

  • restore the saved settings in your current FRITZ!Box
  • load the saved settings to another FRITZ!Box of the same or a different model.

Saving Settings

  1. Open the "Save" tab in the "System / Backup" menu.
  2. Enter a password of you choice.
    Comply with the valid and illegal characters.
  3. Click "Save" and confirm that the procedure may be executed on the FRITZ!Box, if asked to do so.
  4. Save the "FRITZ.Box[...].export" file on your computer.

This concludes the saving of your FRITZ!Box settings.

See instructions for restoring saved settings and loading saved settings to a new FRITZ!Box, see Restoring Settings.

Have your FRITZ!Box settings sent to you by mail. For more information, see "Save Settings" Push Service