Power Consumption

System / Energy Monitor / Power Consumption

The Energy Monitor shows you the power consumption of your FRITZ!Box and what is attached to its LAN ports.

Information in the Power Consumption Display

Consumption (Amount Used)

  • The energy consumption of the FRITZ!Box and of the individual FRITZ!Box modules can be read based on how the bars in the graph are filled:
    • The first bar always shows the current consumption.
    • The second shows the average consumption for the day.
    • How far the blue bar is filled indicates what percentage of the maximum possible power consumption was used. The maximum power consumption value assumes that all FRITZ!Box functions are in operation.
  • For each LAN port, the display tells you whether or not a network device is connected:
    • green LED icon = in use
    • gray LED icon = no device connected


The "Status" column presents more detailed information on the given consumption, like the connection time, number of devices connected and transmission power.

Click on the "Refresh" button to view the current values.