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AVM provides updates of the FRITZ!OS of your FRITZ!Box for free downloading over the internet. FRITZ!OS is the software of your FRITZ!Box, which controls all functions and features. FRITZ!OS updates contain further developments of existing features and often also introduce new features for your FRITZ!Box.

Important:If you have a lab version of FRITZ!OS installed and want to download the last official FRITZ!OS, read the guide "Downgrading Lab Version to the Official FRITZ!OS".

Finding New FRITZ!OS and Transferring It to the FRITZ!Box

  1. Click the "Find New FRITZ!OS" button.

    The FRITZ!Box checks whether an update for FRITZ!OS is available. If an update is found, the "Start Update Now" button appears.

  2. Click "Start Update Now".

    The "Info" LED on the FRITZ!Box starts flashing and the new FRITZ!OS is transmitted to the FRITZ!Box. The firmware update is complete when the "Info" LED stops flashing.

Important: Do not disconnect FRITZ!Box from the computer during an update, and do not interrupt the power supply to the FRITZ!Box! If the update is interrupted, your FRITZ!Box may be irreparably damaged!

Once the update is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the FRITZ!Box "Overview" page.

Confirming Additional FRITZ!Box Functions

When you access the FRITZ!Box user interface after the update, you may be asked whether you would like to receive information about your FRITZ!Box via email, or whether you want to enable the AVM Diagnostics and Maintenance services for your FRITZ!Box.

More information about these functions is presented on the following pages: