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Push services are notification services that inform you by email about the activities of your FRITZ!Box and assist you in saving the FRITZ!Box password and FRITZ!Box settings.


Information and Functions in the Push Services Overview

All push services can be enabled or disabled separately. This overview shows you which push services are enabled in the FRITZ!Box.

LED Icon Push service enabled


Push service disabled
Name   Name of the push service
Send To   The email address to which the push service mail for this push service is sent.
Edit Button Opens the details for a push service for configuration and editing.

Available Push Services

You can request push service mails about the following FRITZ!Box areas and activities:

FRITZ!Box info Sends you regular email messages with data on FRITZ!Box usage and connections.
Answering machine Forwards recorded messages on the answering machines to the specified email address.
Calls Sends you email when calls arrive—either only for missed calls, or for all calls.
Wireless guest access Sends you a message whenever devices register with or deregister from the wireless guest access.
Forgot password Sends you a link to the specified email address if you have forgotten your password.
Current IP address Sends the IP address assigned by the internet service provider every time the internet connection is established.
Change notice Sends you email when FRITZ!Box settings are changed or when events relevant to security occur.

Enabling, Configuring and Disabling Push Services

    1. To enable, configure or disable a desired push service, click the "Edit" button .

      Configure various settings for the individual push services in the details. For more information, click "Help" in the settings for a push service.

Notification about Important Events

The FRITZ!Box informs you in many ways about events that are important for the security and correct functioning of your home network.

Email Dispatch

If you enabled and configured push services, then all of the email addresses configured in the push services – receivers and senders – receive an email with a description of the event and with solutions to resolve problems.


The following rules apply for sending push mails on important events:

  • The list of recipients cannot be adjusted: All email recipients receive a notification.
  • The sending of push mails on important events cannot be adjusted: The push mail is always sent.
  • All email addresses are visible in the email's recipient field.
  • Recipients of disabled push service receive no push mail from the FRITZ!Box.