Mobile Communications

Internet / Mobile Network

The FRITZ!Box can also make the internet connection available via a mobile network connection. The mobile network connection can be established with the following mobile communications devices:

  • via a USB mobile communications dongle in modem operation with LTE/UMTS/HSPA support
  • by a mobile communications dongle in USB tethering mode
  • by a smartphone in USB tethering mode (only smartphones with Android 4.1 or higher)

Note:The "Internet / Mobile Communications" menu is visible in the user interface of the FRITZ!Box only when a mobile communications device is inserted in a USB port on the FRITZ!Box.

Click on the "Apply" button to save your settings. If you leave the page without saving, all of your changes will be discarded.

Connecting a USB Modem or USB Data Stick with the FRITZ!Box

  • Insert the USB modem or USB data stick in the port for USB devices on the FRITZ!Box.

    The "Internet / Mobile Communications" (or "Internet / Telephone Network") menu becomes visible in the user interface of the FRITZ!Box.

If the FRITZ!Box connects to the internet over the mobile communications network, it depends on the mobile carrier whether the following FRITZ!Box functions can be used:
- Internet telephony
- incoming VPN connections
- other connections requiring a public IP address

Mobile communications enabled

Enable this setting if you want to connect to the Internet using the mobile telephone network.

Note:If you want to use the online counter of the FRITZ!Box for the mobile communications connection and have used a different internet connection to date, reset the online counter in the "Internet / Online Monitor" menu.

Connect to the internet using the mobile communications network only when the DSL connection fails

With this selection you can configure the mobile communications connection as a substitute for the DSL connection. The internet connection via the mobile communications network will be enabled whenever the DSL connection fails. As soon as the DSL connection is stable and available for at least 30 minutes, the connection will be switched back to DSL.

Mobile communications disabled

Enable this setting if you do not want to connect to the internet using the mobile communications network.

Registration with the Mobile Communications Network


Enter here the PIN of the SIM card of your USB modem or USB data stick.

Allow roaming

Enable this setting if you want to allow the FRITZ!Box to log into mobile communications networks of other carriers.

Network Availability

This area presents information about the availability of your mobile communications network. Besides connection quality, the maximum and current data throughput, the status and the network operator are displayed. Click the "Refresh" button to update the information displayed.

Internet Connection

Enter in these fields the account data for the Internet connection via the mobile communications network. The data are pre-allocated for some mobile communications network providers. If you use a different mobile communications network provider, enter the appropriate account data you received from the mobile communications network provider.

Mobile communications network provider Select your mobile communications network provider here.
Access point Enter the access point here.
Access number Enter the access number for the mobile communications network here.
User name Enter your user name here.
Password Enter your password here.
Password confirmation ...

Automatic Disconnection

If you use a time-based rate, you should have the internet connection cleared whenever you are not exchanging data with the Internet to save online costs. This saves you online charges.

Clear automatically after

Select this setting if the idle internet connection should be cleared, and enter the time after which it should be disconnected. Now the internet connection will be cleared automatically whenever the connected computers do not request data from the internet for the specified period.

Do not disconnect automatically

If your rate is not charged according to online time, select this setting. Then the FRITZ!Box is always connected with the internet. If your internet service provider clears the connection at regular intervals, for instance every 24 hours, the FRITZ!Box restores the connection immediately.


Note:For information about connection costs, data volume and other contract data, contact your mobile communications network provider.