Parental Controls

Internet / Filters / Parental Controls

With the FRITZ!Box parental controls feature you can control the internet use for network devices in your network.

The parental controls work using access profiles. An access profile is assigned to every network device that connects with the FRITZ!Box. The rules for internet use are contained in the access profiles.

Note:The "Internet / Filters" menu is available only when the internet connection has been set up in the FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ!Box is configured as a router. The "Internet / Filters" menu is not available if the FRITZ!Box is configured as an IP client.

Parental Controls: List of Devices

Listed on the "Parental Controls" page are all of the network devices registered with the FRITZ!Box. The list shows clearly which access profile has been assigned to each device.

The list is divided into the sections "Home Network" and "Guest Network".

Home Network

The "Home Network" section contains all network devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, game console, TV ...) listed in the home network of the FRITZ!Box.

Network devices that register with the home network for the first time are automatically assigned the "Standard" access profile. As soon as a network device is registered in the home network you can assign a different access profile.

Guest Network

Every network device that registers with the guest network automatically receives the "Guest" access profile. No other profile can be assigned to guests. You can make changes to the "Guest" access profile.

The network devices registered with the guest access of the FRITZ!Box are not listed individually in the "Guest Network" section.

Access Restrictions

The list shows which devices have their internet use restricted.

Internet Use

Two values are possible in the "Internet Use" column:

unrestricted There are no restrictions to internet use. All websites may be opened. The online time is unlimited.
restricted There are restrictions to internet use. See the access profile to find out more about the restrictions.

Online Time Today

Two values are possible in the "Online Time Today" column:


unlimited There are no restrictions to online time.
Progress bar There are restrictions to online time for the current date. A progress bar is displayed. The online time used on the current day is shown as the color in the progress bar.

Here is how the online time is counted for the parental controls settings Online Time for Parental Controls.

Parental controls blocked

When the FRITZ!Box detected an attempt to circumvent the configured parental controls, the entry "Parental controls blocked" appears. The FRITZ!Box blocks the parental controls or the computer. Click on the button in the "Edit" column to override the block. The FRITZ!Box can detect an attempt to circumvent parental controls only when no online time is permitted in the "Standard" access profile.

Configuring Parental Controls

See Configuring Parental Controls for a Network Device