FRITZ!Box Services

Internet / Permit Access / FRITZ!Box Services

On the "FRITZ!Box Services" tab you can allow access to the user interface from the internet and release the storage media of the FRITZ!Box for sharing.

Features of FRITZ!Box Services

  • Access to the FRITZ!Box user interface takes place over HTTPS.
  • Access to the storage media of the FRITZ!Box takes place over HTTPS, TP or FTPS.
  • Access is permitted only for FRITZ!Box users. The FRITZ!Box users must have the corresponding rights. Users are configured in the "System / FRITZ!Box Password" menu. Access is protected by the user name and a password.
  • For access from the Internet the FRITZ!Box needs a public address. Configure Dynamic DNS or enable the MyFRITZ! service to obtain a public address for the FRITZ!Box.
    • Set up Dynamic DNS on the "Dynamic DNS" page in the "Internet / Permit Access" menu.
    • The MyFRITZ! service is enabled in the "Internet / MyFRITZ!".
  • If you enabled the MyFRITZ! service settings you make on this page are automatically adopted in the "Internet / MyFRITZ!" menu and are also valid for access from the Internet using the MyFRITZ! service.

Internet access to the FRITZ!Box via HTTPS enabled

This setting allows the FRITZ!Box to be accessed from the Internet.

  • FRITZ!Box users who have been granted the right "Access from the Internet permitted" can access the FRITZ!Box user interface over HTTPS and view all settings. For changing settings the additional right "FRITZ!Box configuration" is also required.
  • FRITZ!Box users who have been granted the rights "Access from the Internet allowed" and "Access to NAS contents" can access the FRITZ!Box storage media over HTTPS.

Use HTTPS port other than the default HTTPS port 443

Select this setting if the FRITZ!Box is to be accessed at a port other than the standard HTTPS port 443.

Enter a port number from the range 450 to 499 in the "other HTTPS port" field.

Address of your FRITZ!Box

The public addresses of the FRITZ!Box are displayed here. The FRITZ!Box can be reached from the Internet at these addresses. You must enter one of these addresses in the browser if you want to access the FRITZ!Box over the Internet from a remote location. Make a record of these addresses.

The second address is the IP address assigned to the FRITZ!Box by the Internet provider. This IP address changes every time a connection into the Internet is established. The connection is cleared automatically by the Internet provider every 24 hours. Afterward a new public IP address is assigned. The FRITZ!Box is thus reachable at the IP address for a maximum of 24 hours.

Internet access to your storage media via FTP/FTPS enabled

This option allows access to the storage media on the FRITZ!Box from the Internet. All FRITZ!Box users who have been granted the rights "Access from the Internet allowed" and "Access to NAS contents" in the "System / FRITZ!Box Users" menu can access these media.

Allow only secure FTP connections (FTPS)

Select this setting if access to the storage media should be granted only over secure FTPS and not over FTP.

Note: When the setting "Internet access to the FRITZ!Box over HTTPS" is enabled, the storage media can also be accessed over HTTPS.

FTP address

This is the FTP address of your FRITZ!Boxx. If you want to access your storage media over the Internet from a remote location via FTP, enter this address in the browser. Make a record of this address.