Connection Settings

The connection settings are already set to the values used most often. You can change the values if needed.

Which connection settings are displayed depends on what you configured in the "Connection", "Operating Mode" and "Account Information" areas.

Data Throughput

Enter the transfer rates contracted for your line in the "Upstream" and "Downstream" fields. These values are required to secure the prioritization of your network devices.

Internet Connection

Maintain permanently (recommended for flat rates)

If your DSL rate is not charged according to online time, select this setting. Then the FRITZ!Box is always connected with the internet. If your internet service provider clears the connection at regular intervals, for instance every 24 hours, FRITZ!Box restores the connection immediately.

If the internet service provider clears the connection at an inconvenient time, you can reschedule this event for a more convenient period. To do this, enable the option "Delay disconnection by provider to the period between". Then select the period of time from the list.

Clear idle connection (recommended for time- or usage-based rates)

If your DSL rate is charged according to online time, you should have the internet connection cleared whenever you are not exchanging data with the internet to save online costs. Select the option "Clear automatically after ... seconds" and enter the time after which an idle connection is to be cleared automatically. Now the internet connection will be cleared automatically whenever the connected computers do not request data from the internet for the specified period.

VLAN Settings

In special cases it may be necessary to use a VLAN ID. Your internet service provider will inform you if this is required and supply you with the VLAN ID.

DSL ATM Settings

In this area you can enter information manually about the ATM settings used on your DSL line.

Only make changes here if the ATM settings deviate from the preset values and are not recognized automatically. Improper changes to the settings may result in malfunction of the FRITZ!Box internet connection.

You can configure the following settings:

Detect automatically

When this setting is enabled, the ATM settings of your DSL line will be detected by the FRITZ!Box automatically.

Set manually

Enable this option if the ATM settings have to be configured manually. Your DSL provider will inform you about what values are required.

IP Settings

The values for the IP settings are supplied by your DSL provider.

Obtain the IP address automatically (DHCP)

Select this setting if your DSL provider informed you that you receive your IP settings automatically via DHCP. If it also supplied you with a DHCP host name, then enter this name in the "DHCP host name" field. Leave the "DHCP host name" field empty if you did not receive a DHCP host name.

Configure the IP address manually

Select this setting if your DSL provider informed you of fixed IP settings. Enter the IP settings in the corresponding fields.