Energy Monitor

System / Energy Monitor / Statistics

Various diagrams under "Energy Monitor / Statistics" show you how device parameters of the FRITZ!Box change depending on the actions performed with the FRITZ!Box.


The diagrams show how certain device parameters change depending on how the device is used.

CPU Usage

The "CPU Usage" diagram shows how the main processor of the FRITZ!Box was used in the last 24 hours. For instance, you can check how surfing and transmitting web TV streams at the same time affect the device.

CPU Temperature

The "CPU Temperature" diagram shows how the CPU temperature of the FRITZ!Box's main processor developed over the last 24 hours.

    • The red line in the diagram represents the boundary to the critical range.
    • When the temperatures in the diagram are located below the red line, they are not critical and the processor is working in the acceptable range.

Important:All FRITZ!Boxes comply with the temperature limits listed under "Technical Specifications / Ambient Temperature" in the FRITZ!Box manual.