Interference Resistance

When the DSL connection is established, specific connection parameters are negotiated between the exchange and the FRITZ!Box. Under some circumstances it may not be possible to take into consideration interference caused at peak load times or by electrical devices in the household.

Adjusting Interference Resistance

In order to increase stability against interference pulses, you can change the settings of your FRITZ!Box as far toward "Maximum stability" as possible. Do not change the preconfigured settings if your DSL connection is stable.

  1. Move the control toward "Maximum stability" step by step until the DSL connection is stable again.

    Keep in mind that the data throughput of the DSL connection is reduced accordingly.

  2. Click "Apply" to submit your settings to the FRITZ!Box. The DSL connection then will be established anew using the changed parameters.

    These settings are not supported by all remote stations. If the problems with the DSL connection cannot be resolved in this way, change the setting back to "Maximum performance".

Intended signal-to-noise ratio The signal-to-noise ratio is a value for the quality of the DSL signal. The higher the ratio, the more stable the DSL connection. The signal-to-noise ratio cannot be influenced.
Impulse Noise Protection (INP) The electronic immunity of the DSL connection to sources of interference can be increased by means of Impulse Noise Protection. When you move this control step by step toward "Maximum stability", the FRITZ!Box negotiates the DSL connection by applying such technologies to increase the electromagnetic immunity of the connection.
Identification of radio frequency interference (RFI) Under some circumstances radio transmitters located nearby can interfere with DSL communication (RFI: Radio Frequency Interference). This normally will be detected automatically by the FRITZ!Box. If this identification does not work correctly or if an additional source of interference appears, you can move this control step by step toward "Maximum stability" to improve the DSL connection.