Telephony Devices

On the "Telephony" page you set up telephones, answering machines, fax machines and telephone systems that are connected to the FRITZ!Box.

Here you can also configure the answering machine and the fax function of the FRITZ!Box.


The overview contains all configured telephony devices with the following information:

Name The name you assigned to the telephony device.
Line Port on the FRITZ!Box to which the telephony device is connected.
Number for Outgoing Calls Shows the number the telephony device uses to make outgoing calls.
Incoming the number to which the telephony device reacts for incoming calls.
Internal Internal telephone number. This is the number at which the telephony device can be reached by all telephony devices connected with the FRITZ!Box.

Editing and Deleting Telephony Devices

Use the buttons on the right edge of the overview to edit the settings for the configured telephony devices or delete these devices.

Configure New Device

Use the "Configure New Device" button to start the Wizard for setting up new telephony devices.