Telephone Book

You can configure up to six different telephone books in the FRITZ!Box. You can also transfer up to six more telephone books you have stored with online providers.

Select a Telephone Book

If you have set up multiple telephone books in your FRITZ!Box, you can select a telephone book in the "Telephone Book" drop-down list.

Use the buttons next to the drop-down list to rename or delete the other telephone books. The first telephone book can be neither renamed nor deleted.

Telephone Book Entries

The telephone book entries contain the following data:


Name of the telephone book entry, for instance the name of a person

If an icon is displayed before the name, the telephone book entry contains a photograph for display on the AVM FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones.

Telephone Number all telephone numbers of the telephone book entry
Quick-dial Quick-dial for the telephone number listed before the quick-dial.
Vanity code Vanity code (letter dialing) for the telephone number listed before the vanity code.

When an "X" is listed here, the "Important Person" option is enabled in the telephone book entry. Your telephone will ring for calls from an "important person" even when Do Not Disturb is enabled in the FRITZ!Box.

If the "Important" column is empty, the "Important Person" option is not enabled in the telephone book entry.

Creating a Telephone Book Entry

Click the "New Entry" button to create a new Telephone Book entry.

Edit Phone Book Entry

Click the "Edit" button to edit a telephone book entry, to change or add a telephone number, for instance.

Delete Telephone Book Entry

Using the "Delete" button you can delete a telephone book entry.

Save / Restore / Print Telephone Book

"Print view" button With this button you can open the print view of the telephone book and print it out.
"Save " button

With this button you can save the telephone book to a file.

The function is not available for telephone books in the Internet.

"Restore" button With this button you can reload a saved telephone book back to the FRITZ!Box.

New Telephone Book

Use the "New Telephone Book" button to set up as many as 6 different telephone books in the FRITZ!Box, and to adopt up to 6 more telephone books that are saved with online providers.

If you use more than one FRITZ!Fon cordless telephone, you can use an individual telephone book on each FRITZ!Fon.