Dialing Rules

Dialing rules can be configured in the "Telephony" menu. A dialing rule defines which telephone number the FRITZ!Box uses for calls to a certain number range (for instance, mobile telephone numbers, international telephone numbers).

Setting Up New Dialing Rules

  1. Click the "New Dialing Rule" button.
  2. For more on the various kinds of call diversion, see the Help on the Dialing Rules Settings.
  3. Click "OK" to save the dialing rule.

Configured Dialing Rules

The overview of configured dialing rules contains the following columns and buttons:

ColumnMeaning / Function
Number / Number Range For outgoing calls to this range of telephone numbers or to this telephone number, the dialing rule applies
Calls The FRITZ!Box uses this telephone number for outgoing calls to a certain defined number range or to a certain telephone number.
Opens the dialing rules settings.

Deletes the dialing rule.