Call Blocks

In the "Telephony / Call Blocks" menu you can set up call blocks for outgoing and incoming calls.

Kinds of Call Blocks

You can configure various kinds of call blocks:

Call block forFunction
Outgoing Calls

The blocked telephone number can no longer be called from the FRITZ!Box.

Ranges of telephone numbers, for instance, mobile networks, can also be blocked.

Incoming Calls

The FRITZ!Box does not pick up calls from the blocked telephone number.

However, the call block only works if the caller allows transmission of her or his telephone number.

Calls without a telephone number (anonymous callers) The FRITZ!Box will not accept any calls from callers who suppress their telephone number.

Example 1

You would like to prevent unwanted dialing of expensive premium telephone numbers.

Example 2

You would like to prevent unwanted soliciting calls.

Setting Up a New Call Block

You will no longer be able to reach emergency numbers if you set up a call block for calls in the local network and do not have a landline. In order to be able to reach emergency numbers, create dialing rules for all emergency numbers.

  1. Click the "New Call Block" button.
  2. Set up the call block.

Releasing Numbers from Blocked Ranges

You can release individual telephone numbers from blocked ranges. For instance, this could be your own mobile telephone number, if you would like to remain reachable in spite of a call block for outgoing calls to mobile communication networks.

To release a telephone number from a blocked range, create a dialing rule:

  1. Select "Telephony / Call Handling / Dialing Rules".
  2. Click the "New Dialing Rule" button.
  3. Select the "Telephone number" entry under "Range".
  4. Enter the telephone number you would like to release.
  5. Select a telephone number for "Connect using..."
  6. Click "OK" to save the dialing rule.