Do Not Disturb

This feature keeps the connected ISDN telephones from ringing at specified times. Missed calls then appear in the FRITZ!Box call list.

Go to the "Do Not Disturb (FON S0)" tab by opening an ISDN telephone for editing under "Telephony / Telephony Devices".

Do Not Disturb Settings

On the "Do Not Disturb (FON S0)" tab, the following options are available:

Use night service settings

When the "Use night service settings" option is enabled:

A Do Not Disturb function set up under "System / Night Service" is also valid for all ISDN telephones connected to the "FON S0" port. If you switch off the Do Not Disturb function for Night Service menu, the ringer will be activated for your ISDN telephones at the "FON S0" port.

Individual setting

When you enable the "Individual setting" option, you can set up a Do Not Disturb function that affects only the "FON S0" port—and thus all connected ISDN telephones.

Do Not Disturb settings in the "System / Night Service" menu then will no longer apply for your ISDN telephones.

Note: A Do Not Disturb setting for an individual ISDN telephone can be configured directly on the ISDN telephone. For more information, read the documentation of the ISDN telephone.