Blocking Calls

On the "Call Blocks" page you can configure a call block for individual telephone numbers or ranges of telephone numbers.

Setting Up a New Call Block


You can set up call blocks for outgoing calls and for incoming calls. You can block individual telephone numbers, entire ranges of telephone numbers (for instance premium numbers), or anonymous callers without a telephone number.

Maximum Number of Call Blocks

You can configure a total of 32 call blocks and call diversions for incoming calls. These include:

  • Call blocks for incoming calls
  • Call diversion for "Calls by a person in the telephone book"
  • Call diversion for "Calls from the telephone number"

You can configure, for instance: Twelve call blocks for incoming calls, ten call diversions for calls from contacts in the telephone book, and ten call diversions for calls from certain telephone numbers.

Instructions: Setting Up a Call Block for Outgoing Calls

Telephone numbers that are blocked for outgoing calls can no longer be called from the FRITZ!Box.

You will no longer be able to reach emergency numbers if you set up a call block for calls in the local network and do not have a landline. In order to be able to reach emergency numbers, create dialing rules for all emergency numbers.

These Calls Should Be PreventedSelect this RangeEnter this Telephone Number
Calls to a certain telephone number Telephone number the telephone number to be blocked
Calls in a freely selectable range of telephone numbers Telephone number One or more numerals that determine the range of telephone numbers (for instance, 030 for the local network in Berlin)

Calls to one of the prescribed ranges of telephone numbers:

  • Mobile telephone network
  • Local area network
  • Long-distance calls
  • International
  • Premium numbers
  • Directory assistance
Desired range of telephone numbers  

Prescribed ranges of telephone numbers

The prescribed number ranges include the following telephone numbers:

Number RangeContains All Telephone Numbers Starting with
Mobile communications 015, 016, 017
Local area network 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Long-distance calls 0
International 00
Premium numbers 0900, 0190, 0180
Directory assistance 118

Instructions: Setting Up a Call Block for Incoming Calls

Calls from a telephone number blocked for incoming calls will not be accepted up by the FRITZ!Box. However, the call block only works if the caller allows transmission of her or his telephone number.

  1. Select "incoming calls" as the type of call.
  2. Select a range:
    These Calls Should Not Be AcceptedSelect this RangeEnter the Following
    Calls from a particular telephone number Telephone number The telephone number to be blocked
    Anonymous calls (the caller does not transmit a telephone number) Without a number  
  3. Enter a name for the call block. The name appears in the overview under "Telephony / Call Handling / Call Blocks".