Push Service: Advanced Settings

The FRITZ!Box can send you e-mail messages at regular intervals (push service mails) reporting on the status of the FRITZ!Box and information about its use.

Detailed settings for the push service can be configured on the "Advanced Settings" page.

On the "Advanced Settings" page

Click on the "Apply" button to save your settings. If you leave the page without saving, all of your changes will be discarded.


  1. Make sure that the "FRITZ!Box push service enabled" option is selected on the "Settings" tab.

Regular Push Service E-mail

Then select which information you would like to receive in the push service mail:

Call List The Call List contains all calls conducted via the FRITZ!Box: outgoing calls, incoming calls you accepted, and incoming calls that were not accepted.
Statistics on child protection If you have configured child protection, this overview will show you which user has used how much of her or his allotted online time.
Statistics on online time The Online Meter logs the duration and number of the Internet connections.
Event Log The Event Log logs information and error messages about events in the FRITZ!Box.
DSL Line Information In the DSL line information you receive details on the current transmission rates, line attenuation and signal-to-noise ratio for the receive and send direction, as well as on the DSL version, DSL status and DSL central exchange.

Push Service Mail for Certain Events

In addition to the regular push service messages, the FRITZ!Box can also send e-mail when certain events occur.

Select the events for which you would like to receive additional e-mail messages:

  • Incoming calls

    For all calls or for missed calls, the FRITZ!Box sends you an e-mail about when which party called for what number.

  • Establishing Internet connection

    Every time the FRITZ!Box connects to the Internet, it sends you the IP address currently assigned by the Internet service provider. Changes to the Internet or network settings of the FRITZ!Box also trigger the dispatch of a push service mail.

Other Recipient

An e-mail address was already entered on the "Settings" tab in the setup of push service. This e-mail address will automatically be entered as the recipient address as well.

You can also specify that the push service mail be sent to a different e-mail address of your choice.

  • Enter the address or addresses to which the e-mail is to be sent.

    Multiple e-mail addresses must be separated by a comma.

    Do not change the e-mail address on the "Settings" page; this is the push service mail's sender address.

Different Name of Sender

Enter the desired name. You can use any sender name you wish.

Note:By default, "FRITZ!Box" is entered as the sender of the push service mail.